Monday, August 27, 2007


Last week I was painting when a knock came to the door and a dude was standing there with a boxed 52” flat screen TV on a handtruck. “You gonna sign for this TV?” I knew it was coming, “Yeah, I’ll sign. You got any help?” I asked noticing that he was alone. “Yeah, grab the other side.” he says. I was a bit taken aback but not completely surprised. “OK, I can’s gong upstairs” I tell him. “No, I’m just supposed to take it inside. If it goes upstairs that’s called a premier. He didn’t pay for the premier.” “I thought the premier was ME helping YOU!” I say. He sneered and picked up the box and we carried it inside and set it down. I thought to myself “premier, huh?”
So from now on if I go above and beyond what I’m being paid to do (which I generally do daily) I’m gonna call it a “premier”. Won’t you help me spread this term around for all the world to abuse.
Jeez, whatever happened to just making that little bit of extra effort (in this case about 20 more steps, granted upstairs but still!) to make the customer happy? I guess he wanted to be paid for each step.

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roscoe said...

all about the Premier!