Sunday, August 12, 2007

Musical notes and news

After the gig yesterday we took the gear over to the studio, Jack’s 411Pod, to have it there to begin work on the next OakTeam record..finally! I grabbed some new heads
over at the music store for my snare drums.
I had to sell my prized Gibson 335 this week to feed the family (and my alcohol habit). Some dude in England has it now. Dave sold it for me on EBay. It can still be heard though. I played it on “Can’t Git the One You Want”. If we need that sound again I can borrow my Dad’s 175. But DAMN! It sure was a lot of fun to hang out with!..if not just to LOOK at!
Our old friend Dan Baird will be making the trek over to Jack’s 411Pod this week to pitch in on Keith Christopher’s record. Of course Mr. Christopher will be here and
I’m sure silliness will ensue. There’s talk of a cover of Ringo’s “Photogragh”
The OakTeam’s next gig is another outdoor afternoon affair on Friday night, Sept. 7.
in the courtyard behind what used to be Greenshield's Tavern and Brewery. If I’m not mistaken we’ll have about 3 hours to fill and will probably play everything we know. The following Friday, the 15th, we’ll be at The Pour House.


Bobzilla said...

Thank the Lord!!! I'm coming home on the 4th and leaving again on the 22nd, but in-between I'm gonna get my ass kicked TWICE, Olympic-style...

Ice down the damn Budweisers!

Anonymous said...

Hi T !
I'm really sorry for ya 'bout the 335, man!!
But on the other hand : the prospect of new music being brewed between you guys makes my week !!
Lots of luck to y'all,