Wednesday, August 22, 2007

from Curtis

My friend Curtis, who I met on the Delbert Cruise, sent me this note..
Dear Terry, Shane gave me your new cd of the Yayhoos Put the Hammer Down for my birthday. The little bastard sure knows what I like. I've been wearing it out the last 3 days. I mean, it was about time. It had been litterally months since I had any new music by you. Why the long wait. Who do you think you are, Boston? Your music affects me and it's your fault. I bow up and feel like smart mouthing people when I hear Never Give an Inch. Where's Your Boyfriend At makes me want to forget the common courtesy of not coveting thy neighbor's wife and/or girlfriend. Love Train is an excellent cover and makes me want to hug people. While Hurtin' Thing is so sweet I want to say sweet things to ladies like, "Can I put my tongue in yo mouth?"When I hear Would It Kill You, I want to gulp a couple of viagras and get jacked up to look for anything "hot 'n holla." Everything/Anything makes me want to shake my ass. Oh sorry, scratch that, you don't need that visual. Gettin Drunk, get nekid, get laid and get out always makes me cry. You ain't right brother and that's what I love about you. There ain't no slant to it, ya got ya some Amercian rock and roll and I fuckin' love it. Whatever your rock and roll dreams are, I hope you reach 'em. your friend and fan, Curtis
You're makin' 'em come true right now, Curtis!

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Beautiful comment from Curtis