Thursday, July 19, 2007

what was it?

I’ve been meaning to write and tell y’all about something but I can’t remember what it was. Let’s see now, was it about Nathan’s friend that he met at 4-H camp, Zenqueesha?
No, I don’t think it was that. Maybe I was gonna tell ya about how much I’ve been listening to Todd Rundgren’s “Something/Anything” record lately and that I have decided that it might be and probably is the best Pop record ever made? That’s a subject that I could go on forever about but I don’t think it was that. It was something real important. Was it about Big Al threatening to come this week to write songs for a record we’re trying to get together before the next Delbert Cruise? No. Maybe I was gonna tell ya about how the local college radio station,WKNC has been playing the shit outta “Raindrops” lately? Wait a minute! I know! It was about how hard I’ve been working this week de-constructing a house in the 90 plus heat! Nah, that ain’t it. Nobody gives a shit about that. I’ll remember it one day, maybe by the time The Olympic Ass-Kickin’ Team plays at Slim’s Saturday night. Hey! That’s it. I was gonna tell ya that! Saturday night, on the 21st of July! OakTeam at Slim’s, yeah that’s the ticket! Whew! Glad I remembered, that would’a worried the shit outta me all day.


12 Bar said...

I was just looking at a copy of The Best Of Todd Rundgren CD, and "Couldn't I Just Tell You" is nowhere to be found. How in the hell can there be a Todd "Best Of" album without that song? Like I really wanna hear some Utopia shit. Sheesh!

TA said...

You got that shit right, Brutha!