Saturday, July 28, 2007

thanks Kami!

I promise you of all the bands listed, they are the ones who deserve your vote to help them out. You are welcome to view all the others but I guarantee that after you do, you will agree with me that these guys should win this contest. Not only are they great guys but they also play the most remarkable rock-n-roll - good, solid, simple, real rock-n-roll you can dance to and have fun going to a show to see!

Terry Anderson can write a dang song and he has the music industry awards & recognition and Billboard hits to prove it. He can also sing and play the drums like the devil plays the fiddle, while his band sets the stage on fire - all infamous musicians with enough talent and background for me to fill a novel with, much less a bulletin.

And they have been playing in the best bands since before most of the other musicians in the contest were potty-trained. The band features Dave Bartholomew (OAK Team, Tres Chicas, The Bleeding Hearts, The ViBeKiLLeRS) on guitar, Jack Cornell (the Woods) on bass, Greg Rice (OAK Team, The Cartridge Family) and the infamous Terry Anderson (The Fabulous Knobs, the Woods, Georgia Satellites, Backsliders, OAK Team, Yayhoos) on drums. Terry also toured with the Backsliders (playing at Downtown Live at Moore Square in Raleigh on Saturday, July 28) during their last tour and played drums on one of their albums.

They also will be playing on Sunday night July 29 in Raleigh at the Pour House if you'd like to see them perform in person. I can promise you that you will have a blast at this show. I've seen people who have been afraid to even switch their beer from one hand to another in 5 years dance and smile and laugh and sing and shout and be-bop at every OAK Team performance I've ever attended!

And if that in and of itself is not worth 5 seconds and a click of the dang mouse, I just don't know what is!

-Kami Periman

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