Wednesday, July 25, 2007

ecuador revisited

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No sooner than Will was back from from his mission trip to Honduras, he's back out the door this weekend and on a plane to Ecuador. Last year a lot of my friends were super kind and contributed to his expences. Anyone wanting to do so this year is more than welcome to send a check made out to:
New Hope Worship Center
in whatever amount they choose and send it to our address:
POBox 642
Bunn, NC 27508

I know he will appreciate it greatly, as he did last year..

Ecuador undoubtedly was an experience in which God was at work in many people’s hearts and lives. Not just the people of Ecuador but also our group of 180 plus people. Signs, wonders and miracles were seen all week and I have never experienced God like this. I’ve seen demons cast out of people, miraculous healings, and other works of the Lord, but never anything like this. Tumors disappeared, people that were physically unable to walk were able to walk again, broken hearts were mended, and hundreds of lives were written in the Lamb’s book of life.

This was my first ever missions trip. The trip was an outreach to save lives and minister to children and adults in a country where Roman Catholicism was practiced. We all came with a heart unprepared for what God had to do in our lives. But after we saw one thing, and then another, are mind was made up, God can use anyone in anyway he chooses. Many of us had been spiritually drained because little problems, things in our way trying to stop us from seeing why we came. But darkness cannot prevail against light. We couldn’t let the enemy step in to destroy us. When one of us was down, not in a positive attitude, one would always be there to encourage us, talk to us, or just put a positive attitude out for us to absorb. Without our unity, we would have been taken out. We worked as a team.

Over the course of 3 days, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we visited a total of 7 schools, 3 Wednesday, 1 Thursday, and 3 on Friday. On Thursday we also visited a foundation where kids that had no place to go, no money to afford school, or the parents just didn’t want them around went. That was the most powerful place. The kids just wanted your love. Kids would hold on tight to your leg, as if you were their dad or mom. All they wanted was love. That’s all they wanted. We played duck, duck goose with them and showed them tricks with string and they were just amazed. They just loved being with us. And we didn’t want to leave.

On those three days, we also had children’s crusades in which we had dramas, and did songs in which the kids could interact and dance around. These crusades we a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to build relationships with the kids.

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