Friday, July 06, 2007

Camp Challenge


OK, so not only am I off to Europe this weekend but our little one Nathan is off to camp on Sunday, gone for a week away from home by himself for the first time. I won't be here to see him off of course, so I wrote him a letter to put in his bag:


This week you are going to Camp Challenge and that’s a really good name for the things you’ll be doing. Every day you’ll be faced with another challenge to overcome.
MeMa always told me that I was smart enough to do anything that I wanted to do and I know that you are too. If you want to grow up and cure cancer, then you can. If you want to grow up and be President, then you can (only, by the looks of who’s in there now, just about anybody could be President!). These are BIG challenges though and it takes a LOT of knowledge and life skills to be able to achieve them. This week’s camp is about learning life skills and I know that you can conquer any that they put in front of you.
You have already met other challenges before, both in Tai Kwon Do and in school, and you’ve passed them with flying colors (no matter what Miss Walsh says!) so you are up to the task. Remember that it takes a lot of these little challenges to be able to achieve your big challenges later in life.
Mom and I KNOW that you can do this and that is why we want you to go, we want you to prove to yourself that you can do it. We believe in you and are very proud of you already no matter what so take this opportunity and make the best of it, for yourself!
Meet these challenges HEAD ON (apply directly to the forehead!).

We love you very much!


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Monty Warren said...

You are a the father I wish I had had. Tear it up in the Netherworld, my brotha!

Conrad Coleridge said...

Beautiful letter, no doubt. But may I change the subject for just a moment?

I just went to emusic to download the live album, which rocks thunderously, as we've all come to expect. But, while there, I read something that shook me pretty severely, to wit:

Terry Anderson
Years Active: 1990s, 2000s

Did you see that as it went by? . . .

. . . . "Born: 1941"

Unless emusic is lying - and why would emusic lie? - or, my math is even worse than I think it is, T-Fitty (assuming an Xmas birthday) is actually T-Sitty-Five. That looks kinda kool, don't it? I just tried it out vocally and it sounds kool, too. Plus, I think T-Sitty-Five would be eligible for Social Security and a dollar off at Big Boy's Breakfast Buffet. Hope I get there someday.

Seriously, T-whoever-you-are, enjoy Europe and your very standup-lookin' son and thank you for rockin' so hard and singin' so pretty, both at the same time.