Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hog Day Afternoon


We went up to the Hillsborough NC today and rocked just about like ass! It was "hot as BALLS" (Big Daddy Dave's words, not mine..I don't even know what he means by that!) We started right after the Beach music band and I thought we might be in trouble when I noticed the whole crowd clapping on the beat during their set but most of the whitebread left afterwards and we got all the good folks..and the heat! 3:45 start time was pretty dang unbearable, about 90 degrees, it was like singing into a hot frying pan. And my face, at this writing, has taken on that frying pan hue.
We played damn purty and had a big 'ol bunch a fun at Hog Day!

PS..I have decreed it to be OakTeam Day at the Mudcats Ballpark, Five County Stadium tomorrow and weez all meeting out there. Some of us, including me, are bringing our Dad's..and kids. Join us, won't you?
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Anonymous said...

Saw you at Hog Day, the OAK team was really hot! See 'em if you get a chance. I'll be at the next local show.

I kept thinking NRBQ? NRBQ? Then I got home and found the web site and I see the influence is more than chance.

The show has so much ENERGY, no breaks between songs. It reminds me seeing Elvis Costello back in 1977 or 78. He must have done 35 or 40 tunes in a 1 1/2 hr set. This is when most bands were playing 20 minute symphonies.

Oh and College Girls was played with the right amount of smarminess... Funny.

Monty Warren said...

What is up with Big Daddy and "balls"?? Remember on the first day of recording my thing, there were technical difficulties and we had to wait around a bit and Dave said,"I shaved my balls fer this?" I suspect that,like "Pants", "Monkey" and "Niblets", Dave's discovered that the word "Balls" is just a damn funny word and is the perfect punch line to nearly any least I prefer to think that's the explanation anyway.