Saturday, June 23, 2007

hmm..should I answer?

Got a call from an old friend tonight. Uhh….so y’all will tell me when I get to that point where am speaking incoherently, right? Like if I was to call up drunk and start mumbling about getting’ a raw deal, about some dumbass songs I wrote or about how I’m gonna do this or that or start some supergroup or some other impossible shit that I could never do at my advanced age? I thought so, thass why I like y’all.
So what do ya say when that happens? Does it ever happen to you? Do you ever hate to answer the phone when it’s someone that you know that is gonna keep you on the phone with some pitiful and ridiculous under the bridge-bonfire-sleeping on a parkbench jibber jabber?
Ya can’t hang up ‘cause ya really DO care about’m but it’s hard to listen when you know how sharp they used to be. I guess as we age this kinda thing will happen more and more. But I think it happens more to people that don’t get out of the house much. They start simmering in their own self pity and the next thing you know they are curmudgeonly and cantankerous.
I just hung the phone up at the end of the conversation and was glad that I wasn’t drinking this week and thankful that I have what senses I DO have left…and for a WHOLE lot of other things..even as tough as it is for all of us.


monty warren said...

Now see? This is why I and lots of your other fans read this blog. You're entry was so right on, that I'm gonna go drink to it right now!!Oh-and if you're 'turnin over a new leaf', can I have my case of Gamba back ,Mofo?

roscoe said...

1. Caller ID....after that phone call you know its worth it.

2. If you make the mistake and pick up the yourself on your own damn cell phone... put the guy on hold for a while then tell its your Congressman on the line....and that you'll call him back when you get up at 6:30am