Thursday, June 21, 2007

catching up

It's a long way, but the scenery is nice!
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I know, I know! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. But it’s kinda hard to blog when you’re driving to VIRGINIA twice a day. My son, Nathan is at Robotics Camp (and no Dave, they are NOT listening to Synth-Pop and DOING the “robot”, they are learning to BUILD robots!) and it’s on the other end of the county from me and the only way to get there is winding two lane blacktop, and you can be sure at 7am in the morning I’m screaming “Get your ass up the road!” at some dumbass rednecks.
Anyhoo..since the big drunk Father’s Day Mudcats fiasco I’ve been clean and sober and hope to stay that way for a while. We had a great Backsliders rehearsal last night before Chip (Robinson) headed off back to Brooklyn to live for at least the next three months. That show is coming up July 28th with the one and only…NIGHTRANGER in downtown Raleigh. Should be ignunt.
The one thing on my mind right now though is an Ass-Kickin’ what is fiddin’ to happen up in Cleveland NEXT weekend and then on to Wapakoneta OH (our adopted hometown). Weez playing the BIG room with Will Hoge on Friday night the 29th and then doing the 10th Anniversary party on the 30th for Ron and them at Rhythm and Brews. THAT is gonna get very stupid!

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Anonymous said...

Wot! Backsliders. Yum yum. Howz ole Chip doin'.