Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Swayzethon '07

It was another late night drive after another great gig last night in Cleveland. Our friends Don Dixon and Marti Jones showed up as promised, bringing friends, and it was great to see Marti again. Jack and I did three weeks in Europe with her when she was on A&M records back in ’86. I thought she was gonna bust a spleen, she was laughing so hard at our show. Other friends brought other friends and it turned into a pretty decent Monday night crowd, especially since the Cav’s were in the NBA Eastern finals, the Indians were playing a make up SNOWED OUT game, the final episodes of “24” and “Heroes” was on the TV and there was also some local “American Idol” thing going on in the coliseum.
We sold about $250 in merch which was good but nowhere close to our all time record which we reached on Sunday night in Chicago of $830! Those people loved them some damn OakTeam!
We got up this morning and headed to Cooper stadium here in Columbus to catch a Clippers game against the Louisville Bats and their ace, Homer Bailey. It was “Mentally Handicapped Day” or something at the stadium and I know that’s really rude to say, but we felt right at home with these fine folks. Colin, from the band Watershed hooked us up and got us STUPID seats right behind the home plate umpire. It was a great game too and Columbus almost tied it up in the eight with a 3 run shot by #24. The great surprise that Colin was keeping from us was that the scoreboard scroll would welcome “Terry Anderson and the OAK Team” to the game about every 10 minutes. Nice! If my dumb ass hadn’t left the cord that connects my camera to my lapper at home I could show you a picture of it. I will definitely post it later with others.
Much love to all those who came last night and made all of us feel the love in Cleveland.


Anonymous said...

don't you have some news about keith?

Anonymous said...

What time do you go on in Lex tonight? And how did Homer Bailey look?

Anonymous said...

As Ian Hunter said many years ago (and still sings today) 'Cleveland Rocks' !!!!!!

Ace said...

BA says Homer Bailey is on the DL?

Anonymous said...

He supposedly pitched 5 innings of one hit, one run ball, about the time TA was there or the day after.