Monday, May 28, 2007

Jerry F'in' Lee!

So we're sitting in Colin's Coffee in Columbus, OH owned by Watershed singer Colin, also famous for his stint/stink with The Dead Schembechlers, who played a gig in Ann Arbor on the very day that Michigan ex-beloved-coach Bo Schembeckler died, and Colin begins telling us a story about his bass player in The League Bowlers (a whole nuther story)who was the stage manager at a show featuring The Beach Boys and Jerry Lee Lewis. The story goes that Jerry Lee was supposed to go on at 7pm. Everyone's waiting and waiting until finally at about 7:30pm Jerry Lee pulls up in in a white limo. He gets out....he walks straight to the dressing room....he grabs the 2 bottles of Jack Daniels....and he get's BACK in the limo....drives off never to be seen again. See! That's the kind of shit you can get away with when you're Jerry Fuckin' Lee!

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