Wednesday, May 30, 2007


ha ha ha ha ha !

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Anonymous said...

I am actually fortunate enough to have that CD. I've listened to it hundreds of times over the years. I picked it up in Switzerland. Great songs although the sound quality of the recording not the greatest. I've always loved "Some Other World" and "Come Off With Your Lies" even though you guys never seemed to like playing those two very much. Any idea how many copies were made? I want an idea of how lucky I am to have one! (OK, I'm opening myself up to some smart ass comment with that one)

TA said...

I think there were a thousand made in the US (Twin Tone) and a thousand made for Demon (UK). Yes, the sound quality downright sucked, a victim of the eighties reverb movement. That wasn't over soon enough for me. There were 16 songs that both labels chose from, each choosing different songs and order. The OakTeam still plays "Some Other World" regularly. "Girlfriends and "Battleship Chains" sometimes.

Phillip said...

I've scoured for a CD version for awhile - no success. I have my old vinyl copy, which is a bit worn out not surprisingly. Anyway I have lots of fond memories back in the day watching y'all play - lots and lots of fun.