Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You seen me dance?

So after work yesterday I was meeting the guys to go out to dinner with Monty before we started back recording. I had brought a change of clothes since I was painting all day but I forgot to bring shoes. I needed a new pair of shoes anyway since I had left a pair in Gijon, Spain. So I had about an hour to run around town and try to find some. First, I went to Target (which reminds me..somebody from Target slammed my MySpace account! It’s not from me!) but the shoes I like there were closed out, Penny’,, and then I went to this place called The Shoe Dept. It’s kind of a cheap joint but not as cheap as Pic-N-Pay or the Shoe Show. Finally (after about 15 minutes of searching), I found some cockroach killers. They were dress shoes with a really pointy toe. As I’m checking out, she takes a good look at them. “They are both 9’s, right?” “Yep!” she says “Left and right?” “Yep!”. So I run out and make it to Jack’s only 20 minutes late. I change clothes and as I’m putting on these shoes I put the left one on first and then I reach for the right one but it’s lefty too! That bitch! I specifically asked her if they were opposing. Two left footed cockroach killers! So I just put my paint shoes back on and went out to eat. When I got back from dinner I went over there and got my money back. I can’t believe that bitch!
So we get to talking about Keef snorting his Dad and all and I have to say that I just don’t believe it ever happened. He’s getting like Jerry Lee, just talking all out of his head drunk all the time. I also find it hard to believe that he’s only 63. Are you telling me that I’m gonna look like THAT in 13 years? God help me!
Speaking of Keef! Our very own Keith Christopher will be in town (Raleigh) recording with the OakTeam next weekend! Yeaaaah!! What the world has been waiting for..a Keith Christopher record!


Anonymous said...

Word is that Keith's 'snort me up' thing was a joke. Those hard hitting journalists from MTV did the legwork Reuters and AP didn't...

Tom in Chicago
(got my tix in hand for the May 20th Old Town gig)

Anonymous said...

Keith with the OAKTeam. Fanfuckingtastic! Can't wait to hear that one.

philwo said...

A Chappi Record ??
Can't wait to hear it.
Buying shoes is more a women's thing I think. I hate to do that. That's why I only have 2 pairs o' shoes. One for the work( I'm painting houses too) and one for da road.
Is it true that the Yayhoos will be seen in Europe this summer?
Happy Easter

Anonymous said...

Wot? Yayhoos in Europe again? Yeeehaawww!

Anonymous said...

yes, but only festival work...

come on, turn up the amps in some small clubs in germany!!!