Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Weez going to Russia!

As I’m sittin’ here listening to The Rolling Stones from 1972, I’ve got a real hankerin’ to get outta town. I ain’t talkin’ about somewhere in the states outta town. I’m talkin’ about outta of the frikin' free world outta town. I git Emails every day, “When is y’all's asses comin’ the hell to Alabama?” “Would you be so kind as to play California soon, thank you so much.”, “How come the OakTeam hain’t played Nashville yet?”. You know, shit like that! Well, screw that! I wanna rock Russia and I ain’t settlin’ fer nuthin’ less! I'm head strong on the trail of a Russian promoter! Ya know, when The Yayhoos were in Finland I watched the local news in Moscow. I said then…”that’s where I wanted to rock!” I don’t give a shit about playing China, Japan is the place to go in Asia. Hell, we sell bunches o’ CD’s in Japan. That’s not out of the realm of possibility. My wife’s got folks over there anyhoo. India’s too crowded. Seen Europe. Where in the hell in Africa would we play? Well, South Africa I guess.
Now Australia would give Russia a run for it’s money in my book. It would be real hard, if not impossible to choose Russia over Australia if’n I had my druthers. Uhhh....OK! screw it! Weez going to Australia!

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Anonymous said...

As long as you remember to stop by in Helsinki on your way, you might as well rock the moon for all I care. But Russia? Are you really sure?