Monday, April 30, 2007

The Hot Skillet Lickers

I’ve got some really great songs floating around out there that I wrote with some friends of mine back in the day after The Woods were done. Our goal was to write the dumbest, most lowest common denominator, stupid sing along tunes that we could write..and I think we succeded. I had the funky redneck “Cornbread” and NASCAR classic “Dale Earnhart” ready to go when they asked me to join. So along with “Whoop Your Ass” and “I Wish I was your Thong”, we put out a really fun little 4 song EP locally in 2001. That is available now to you download freaks at Napster, ITunes and Rhapsody and I think it is really worth checking out. These songs are hilarious…. and I hep’d!
It’s called “Lickin’ It and Lovin’ It“ by The Hot Skillet Lickers. It features Biscuit on bass, Slappy on guitar, Skeeter on lead vocal, Molly Mae as the hottie back-up singer and me, T-Spot on drums.


naed said...

it's also available on
Emusic also lists a band called the skillet lickers from the 1930's! they also did dumb hillbilly music;) any relation?:)

TA said...

It's the HOT Skillet Lickers!