Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spring Training Tour

The OakTeam had a great little practice Monday night. We went through all the songs we NEVER play, so the ones we DO play all the time might be a little slippery when we actually get on stage Thursday night in Atlanta. But I doubt it since we nailed the “B sides” pretty good even though we hadn’t seen each other in more than a month.
Yeah, so tomorrow we hop in “E-Van-geline” and head south. Like I say, first stop is the ATL..Star Bar, opening for someone we’ve never heard of. Should be a hoot! Then we load the van and drive to Macon. We’ll get a good night sleep there (if they give us the right key to our rooms this time! fact I HOPE we’re not staying at the same place we stayed last time..but that’s a whole ‘nother blog!) and have all day to rest and hang around before our manic show on Friday night at The Hummingbird and drive to the FLA. We’ll drive as far as we can, get a room for a while and get up early and head to our rooms in West Palm Beach, just down the road a few hundred miles. Our host, Monty will meet us at some point and at some point we will end up at a Spring Training baseball game, drinking beer and hollering at Chipper Jones or Pujols or Dontrell or somebody. We’ll have a nice seafood dinner after that’s done and make plans for the big house party on Sunday night over at Monty’s house where he has already ordered up 50 OakTeam CD’s and 50 big bottles of Thunderbird. We’ll go to another game on Sunday before our show at the Monty throwdown. Greg will fly in and we’ll find him somewhere. He’s playing with his band , The Cartridge Family Thursday night at the Lakeside Lounge (Yeah, that one…go see’m!) and then Saturday night at the Corner Bar in Knoxville. I unfortunately forgot to ask if he could make this trip with us and felt stupid when he said he was busy. But he’ll fly in and it will rock like hell. Monday we’ll hit another baseball game before heading back home. Sounds pretty damn ignunt, huh? I hope so, we’ve got our own baseball shirts made up (yep, numbers and names on the back!)and lots of new merch to sell, hats, OTHER new shirts and of course our new live CD, “When the OakTeam Comes to Town” ,20 rockin’ ass OakTeam hits!! Come on, boy! Git ye some!

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Anonymous said...

Seems like you can't go wrong when yer name is Anderson. Think of it. Terry Anderson, Big Al Anderson or Angry Anderson. Maybe I'll change my name to Anderson too and become a famous rockstar with loads of wine, wimmen and song. Howzabout that?