Sunday, February 25, 2007


Oh my God! We did it! We actually did it! We did all of the shows, and at full tilt also! We gave everything we had every night. We had no choice, the audiences pulled it out of us. Even after traveling 14 hours to get to Gijon from Sweden we somehow pulled a rabbit out of our hats and played a great show. We are deeply sorry about the decision of the owner of the Hard(ly)Rock Cafe in Stockholm to pull the plug with just an hour to go, we were as disappointed as anyone there. But other than that all of the gigs were spectacular! ..and we owe it all to our adoring fans, our wives and the promoters that worked so hard. I´m looking very forward to getting home and getting to work on transcribing my notes from the tour and YES the pictures also, all 700 of them! And my wife is right in saying that I will not rest until this is done. Thank you everyone, especially Roscoe, for making it all come together so beautifully!


philwo said...

Hi Terry,
We got to thank you (the Band!)for these nights of true Rock & Roll.
See you next year
Greetings to America

Anonymous said...

So what was the deal with the Hard Rock in Stockholm? What a let down.

Maurice said...


I'm sure you made alot of people happy over in europe :)

Javi said...

We miss you already...

Anonymous said...

thank you for heartful, solid rock`n`roll!
take care & see ya all soon, pals!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, what´s the deal with the show in Stockholm being cancelled?

Anonymous said...

The gig in Stockholm will go down as best gig never played. The band was there, the audience was starting to grow, attendence looked liked it's was going to be OK despite the fact that I haven't seen any advertising at all for the gig. Then from out of the blue. THE GIG IS CANCELLED! GRRRRRRR!

To make a long story short it seems like Hard Rock in Stockholm are involved in some legal matters with the neighbours living above Hard Rock. The neighbours thinks that the music is to load and as I understand it the department (in the government) handeling these questions have been doing measurements of the noise level and thought that is was too high. So like two hours before the gig Hard Rock gets the call saying that they can't have live music before they improve the sound isolation towards the neighbours. Since the call came so close before the gig there was no time to move the gig to another location (but god knows that we tried).

It was like being a kid on chrismas eve and having Santa Claus at your home with all these huge presents and then he gets a call saying that he has to move the reindeer's and he leave and taking the presents with him.

But I hope to see the band back in Europe soon for a real gig and thanks for hanging out with us and making it a night to remember after all.

Rock on


Anonymous said...

What bugs me about the cancelled gig in Stockholm is that Hard Rock seemed to know about the problem and the fact that they haven't cancelled any other gigs. It seems that the problem wasn't to hard to solve after all.


roscoe said...

The Hard Rock had a big problem with a private party in their upstairs room with a super loud band a couple days before the Yayhoos show. This problem mobilized the lawyers for the tennants of the building.

The soundguys and the Yayhoos worked very hard on getting the volume down for the show. We were using in ear monitors, small amps and the screen around the drums. The city was sending inspectors that night to check on the volume. As one of the owners of the Lakeside Lounge I understand how serious this kind of thing can be.

We left the soundcheck expecting to play the gig. When we got back we found out that the Hard Rock was facing eviction if there was ANY LIVE MUSIC AT ALL that night. The lawyers for the owner of the hard rock said we must not play.

The Hard Rock refunded everyone's money and bought free drinks for people and also bought 65 cd's from the band that were given out to people at the venue. The idea to move the show to another club just came way to late to be done. We were headed to the airport at 7:30am to fly to spain to play in Gijon. The Yayhoos ceartainly came to Stockholm to play and we felt very bad about what happened but it was out of our control. As a guy who owns a club I can't really fault the Hard Rock either. We appologize to all of you who had to drive or fly to the gig and hope to see you in the summer.