Wednesday, December 06, 2006


After working all day in a house where I should be paid for more as a moving man than a painter, I was pretty beat when I got back over Jack’s studio last night. Like I said, the results from the previous night’s recording were mixed. Monday night was more of a “rememberin’ session” than anything else, but last night we were all business. At 8:30pm we yelled to the back of the house at our favorite engineer, “Hey Jon, you ready?” and following his undecipherable response we kicked in to the first song and never looked back until the last one was done. Hell yeah! Magic! “Was that ALL of’m?” The hour went by so fast, and in the dust 18 songs were left wondering what had just hit’m. A quick switchover for our live in the studio encore put Dave behind the kit and me on guitar. When all was said and done we had recorded 20 great tracks for your enjoyment in less than an hour and a half. All were done at good tempos too, not too fast as they can get at times in front of a live audience. I’m hoping you will be as excited by last night’s recordings as we are. Just think of it as an awesome sounding board tape.
Available soon.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait Terry! Just let us know what we have to do to get it.

Tom Meltzer said...

Can I get the whole damn thing as one long ringtone?

Anonymous said...

You'd never pickup your phone anymore.