Wednesday, December 20, 2006

from Steve in KY.

BEST LIVE SHOWS for 06 (in no order):

1. Terry Anderson & the OAKT, High Life Lounge, Lexington, Ky. 1/28/06.
Small crowd but we still got our asses kicked anyway.
2. BR549, the Dame, Lexington, Ky. 2/21/06.
If you like country music make it a point to catch these guys.
3. Chris Knight & Scott Miller & the Commonwealth, Mercy Lounge, Nashville, Tn. 5/4/06.
No comment needed.
4. Joe Ely, some freakin comedy club, Louisville,Ky. 6/5/06.
About as good as a solo show can be, to me, anyway.
5. Vibekillers, Hank Sinatra, & Phil Lee, the Pour House, Raleigh, NC. 6/10/06.
There's not many people that I'd drive 500 miles to see, but evidently Chip Robinson and Phil Lee on the same bill, are two of em. Gettin to hang out with two of my idols WAS the shit. Great music, great time, and I liked Hank Sinatra to boot.
6. Malcolm Holcombe, house concert, Winchester, Ky. 7/28/06.
Malcolm from five or six feet away, all evening. Great.
7. Bob Dylan, Applebys Park, Lexington, Ky. 8/15/06.
If he keeps touring until they have to wheel him out on stage, if he sings in a whisper, and plays organ with one finger, I'll still go see him and like it.
8. Yayhoos, the Dame, Lexington, Ky. 8/16/06."
Always really good.
9. Drive By Truckers & the Drams, Brown Theatre, Louisville, Ky. 10/21/06.
I was first row, center stage, for this one. Other than permanent hearing loss, I enjoyed the hell out of it.
10. My Morning Jacket, Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Ky. 11/22/06.
Home town band who traditionally plays Louisville on the night before Thanksgiving. Always good.

-Steve (in KY.)

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Joey said...

Wow, some pretty stiff competition.... See you guys on Christmas night for the B-Day party! Santa is bringin an "ass kickin" for Christmas this year.