Sunday, November 19, 2006


Rock and Roll ain’t dead...YET!, but it is aging gracefully. Last night, when our babysitter finally got home, the wife and I went down to the new Hideaway BBQ in Raleigh to catch Bill Kirchen’s last set. Avoiding the subject of our ages, I was HEAVILY influenced by his sound from as far back as my high school days. As I told him last night, that Commander Cody live record, “We’ve Got a Live One Here!” pretty much changed my life. It was full of great truck drivin’ songs, many written by Bill himself, with unbelievably great lyrics. Listen to “Seeds and Stems” and not crack a smile, I dare ya. And how about this for a first line of a song…”I just took three bennies and my semi-truck won’t start..” from “Semi-Truck”, just awesome stuff. And Bill trucked in the goods last night with his tight little 3 piece combo. He’s still ripping guitar licks like the Fender Telecaster was a model made just for him, and it just may have been. He’s as good as anyone making use of the dynamics that guitar, from the gutty lows of the top strings to the twangy highs of the bottom ones. I was thinking “Now THIS what a Tele is all about, boys and girls”. And I couldn’t figger out what kinda amp he had (it had a slant face was all I could see), but his tone was impeccable.
The club itself gets it’s own high marks for it’s cheap beer (Guinness for $3.50) and atmosphere. The owner brought in items from his own private collection and personally there are a few things on the walls that I wouldn’t let outta my house for fear of theft. I had my eyes on the Charlie Louvin with Elvis pic right by the door..oooooohhhh...I want that! The sound was better than the last time I was there so maybe that’s starting to come together.
Now, if they are gonna continue to have these kinda acts we need a few more handicap spaces out front, a double wheelchair ramp and some more handle bars for us old folks to hold on to while we’re peeing!

Bill and that damn Carina
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Damn Carina said...

Why are we purple? You know I love purple, but not for skin.

Anyway - he was incredible, especially because he looks like he's still having fun doing what he does. And what he does is stunning and flawless. The Hot Rod Lincoln medley you missed was worth the price of admission. It can be heard at

roscoe said...

Kirchen kicks hard!

Tom Meltzer said...

Kirchen is a hero--used to see him once or twice a month at the Rodeo Bar in NYC. The guy can flat out play and knows how to put on a show. All hail Bill Kirchen!

Wornoutmorgan said...

Anyone know where I might get one of those 'Fucker' shirts?

Jay said...

Bill Kirchen is GOD