Monday, October 09, 2006

Wapak reviews

Gawd dam, that was a hell of show this past weekend at Rhythm &Brews. My friends & I have never seen anything as great as the show you and the OAK team put on. If you can't make up here to Michigan then I'll just have to bring even more friends down to Wapa Ohio next time.
Great Replacements cover by the way, and thanks a ton for a nod to my friend Rich's pending marriage.
Thank You,

Mike Crimmins


I had a blast at Rhythm and Brews on Saturday. You put on the show of shows. I'm glad I made the 300+ mile trek down from Chicago. My wife stayed home with the little ones. I drove three hours and picked up my brother-in-law in eastern Indiana. We then drove another two hours to get to Wapak just in time. It was a blast. I picked up "You Can't Bite Me With a Monkey in Your Mouth" Saturday. That thing's worth it just for "Count On It" alone. It's packed with little gems.

Tom Compton

Terry !

Had a great time at your show the other night in Wapakoneta ! I always enjoy seeing you and your bands. Hope you make it back to Ohio soon !! Nice job !

Tom Hendricks

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