Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Paris, WV

Am I crazy? I guess I'm gonna have to buy the Paris Hilton record. Everything I've heard off of it, the reggae thing and the new "Nothing in this World", I REALLY liked! I mean, I can't believe I'm sayin' it out loud but there's melody there and of has a good beat and you can dance to it! What else do you need?
We picked up another gig on the way to Ohio. Tomorrow night we're stopping in Charlseton, WV on the way to Columbus and opening for a band called Holy Cow at the Empty Room...oooops! I mean...Empty Glass. OK? so tell Mommer and 'em to come see us! 'aight?


calamitysue said...

Could be the paint fumes.

Tom Meltzer said...

While in Charleston, lay a wreath at the Amazing Delores' grave. Won't do you any good but what the hell else you gonna do in Charleston? You can't sit in Tudor's Biscuit City all day.

TA said...

Charleston is Bad Food Town, USA!!
We tried to get something to eat before the gig Thursday night and Jack and I ended up splitting a baked potato (I HARDLY EVER eat potatoes!) at Wendy's, all they had was ONE! We tried to get a salad but they had bacon all over all of their salads, so we sent the Caesars back. The club made us cheese pizzas that they that counted that out! And today (Sunday) we stopped at a fast food Italian dump (oddly enuff connected to the aforementioned Tudor's Biscuit World) called Gino's that only had tomato sauce WITH meat, none w/o! Never a good food thing ever happened in that town, well, for me anyway.

Tom Meltzer said...

It's Tudor's Biscuit World now? They've expanded!

By the way, in WV they call it "gravy," not "sauce." That's the tip off right there that you're not going to get something that belongs on top of spaghetti.