Friday, October 13, 2006

outside the Bunn

Much like Taco Bell, we're thinking outside the Bunn right now. Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT from Bunn, NC. My wife, older son and I moved here with some "I Love You Period" money mostly out of the frustration with the Raleigh traffic situation. I have now grown tired of the traffic in Bunn and am looking forward to getting out of here by Summer of '07. Of course I'm kidding about the traffic (though belive it or not, it does get more congested than you might think for a town of just 500, especially at the beginning and end of school hours) here but I am frustrated by the distance between me and the rest of the world. I'm ready to move back my REAL home of Raleigh. That's where I spent 30 years of my life and where all of my friends live. After 14 years in Bunn, my neighbors across the street are still the only people here that I can call "friends". Most folks here are stand-offish, old and set in their ways. They just don't know what to think of some dude walkin' around with his hair standin' straight up on his head! Plus, just about all of'm are Republicans. Now, I can get along with that type just fine. I do it everyday. But man! It takes a lot out of me to be nice when I know I'm right. And Bush proves me right every day! So hopefully, next year we'll be able to save some gas money and move back home. Shit! we work there everyday. So between my wife and me both we'll save about 5 or 600 bucks a month just in gas! I love my yard. I love my house. I hate my dogs. But Will graduates this year and Nathan will attend a really sucky Middle School if we don't move. So we owe it to him to get back to civilization.

PS-There's been a noticable drop-off in Emails to me since I admitted to liking a couple of Paris Hilton's songs. Just remember, it takes a REAL man to admit that he likes teeny bopper music! So..get over it!


Anonymous said...

My Name is Mike,
I have the same problem, I also admitted that
I liked Parissss music. I'm being shunned
by family and friends alike! What's a guy to do?

Bobzilla said...

Haven't heard Paris yet, but I gotta tell ya - my girl Mandy Moore can do no wrong these days. From her record last year covering XTC, Joe Jackson, The Waterboys, Todd Rundgren, John Hiatt (and more) to her duet with Michael Stipe on the Beach Boys classic "God Only Knows" (from some soundtrack), the girl's got impeccable taste.

And I am soooo not ashamed to say I like it.

TA said...

I am so there. Burn me a copy when you get back!


Brad in Reno said...

I like Wilson/Philips' Christmas song, and you're the first person I've told.

TA said...

I prolly like it too. I love their voices. There were a couple of their hits that I really liked a lot!

extrastorchy said...

I'm a big fan of Hanson's first record. Also, the Mister and I spent way too much time a while back listening to songs by the Banana Splits.

Speaking of catchy pop songs, the Mister is in the other room singing "Weather or Not" as I type this.

Anonymous said...

Yo TA... plz get back to Raleigh. I grew up in Bunn and they didn't know what to think of me either... including your friends across the street! (my folks) Anyways, love the outside the Bunn reference and we look forward to hanging out w/ you & yours more upon your glorious return.

I'm a sucker for early Destiny's Child and yes I need help.