Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I watched a very British movie called Stoned the other day. It was about the last 3 months of Brian Jones' life. Dude was F***ed up!..beatin' up on Anita and gettin' 14 yr. olds pregnant (of coarse, this was before the band started and the reason he wasn't allowed into the States) among other hideous stuff. Some of the dialogue was pretty ordinary but there were a lot of interesting "facts" that came out that I didn't really know about...especially the part about his builder, Frank Thorogood confessing in 1993 on his deathbed that he had drowned Brian. There were too many penises (or would that be..penii?, pronounced peee-ni) in the movie for me but they made up for that with lots of hot shots of (the actress playing) Anita.
Speaking of the Stones, I'm throwing this out there. I personally think that "Exile on Main Street" would have been a lot better with 4 or 5 LESS songs. Which songs would YOU throw out?


Anonymous said...

Soul Survivor
Stop breaking down
Hip Shake
Casino boogie

When I was a teenager, I would've said "just wanna see his face". But lately I think it's got the coolest late night/churchy feel ever. AND there are NO chord changes (in the classic verse-chorus-bridge way), and somehow they get away with it

TA said...

Here's my "Exile":
Rocks Off
Rip This Joint
Tumbling Dice
Sweet Virginia
Torn and Frayed
Loving Cup
Let it Loose
All Down the Line
Stop Breaking Down
Shine a Light
Soul Survivor

Anonymous said...

thats fuckin sacrilige!

~ Saint Sway, '06 and every year thereafter