Sunday, September 10, 2006

roscoe's take

"I've always dug Bob. Bob is, was and always will be rock and roll to me. Even if he did write "Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle".
My first Suburban (the '89 two tone blue Chevy) had a cassette of Bob's "Time Out Of Mind" stuck in the cassette deck. It was still in there when the truck got stolen. It was the music of the truck. Kinda like the refrigerator light. You'd have to get in the refrigerator to actually find out if the light ever turned off. Bob is New York...the best parts of New York.. He's a midwest cat who collected records and learned stuff and came to the big city to try his hand at the hustle.

This wed Sept 6 Bob played the Yayhoos "Bottle And A Bible" from our 2001 cd Fear Not The Obvious on his XM Radio Theme Time show. I have to admit I knew it was coming but its wild as hell to hear Bob quoting Dan and Terry's lyrics and saying my name."

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Anonymous said...

How sad. Yet another blast against one of my fave Dylan songs of the last twenty years. "Wiggle Wiggle" (Roscoe added an extra wiggle because it stuck so well in his memory) was the first song I heard Dylan do in a live context that was less than ten years old at the time, and the enthusiasm with which he delivered it back in 1989 or 90 or whenevever that younger version of myself saw that otherwise deadly dull show.

Other than that, though, the whole Dylan and the Yayhoos thing is very, very cool.

Steve Pick