Sunday, September 03, 2006

Moore Square

Wake up, ya damn drunks! Moore Square, usually a hangout for bums and thieves was invaded yesterday by the rock! Sorry dudes! Git up and dance! Gimme a hit of that Thunderbird!
We were joined onstage by Stormy, the stupid hockey mascot for the Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes.
Chamber of Commerce day! Jeez! It was beautiful!
Fireworks finished off the night! We then proceeded to rock da hell outta Slim's...count'm up: one hour of the rock during the day and two hours later that night (starting at 11:45pm)...and I'm HOW old?? Posted by Picasa


kyassor said...

One day I'm going to get my ass over to see the OAK team

TA said...

"git your ass up the road!"

kyassor said...

Gitting my ass up the road isn't a problem - gitting it across the Atlantic Ocean is a problem according to my bank manager : there should be free flights for people going to see a gig