Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dylan/Hoos etc.

For those of you w/o XM, Dylan DID mention us by name, well.."Yah..Hoos", close enough Bobby. Then he quoted the song's first verse and then proceeded to mention ME by name and Dan by name (and as singer for the Ga. Sat's) as the writers. Then he mentioned Roscoe by name and said "Yah..Hoos" a couple more times...
Please cancel all of my appointments for September. I don't think my head is gonna fit trying to get out the door!

wanna hear it?
Bottle and A Bible


Anonymous said...

Too cool!

Anonymous said...

congrats, my friend!

(again, & again...:) any future plans for europe?

best, carsten

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

'Here are the Yahoos - at the crossroads between the bottle and the Bible'
How cool is that intro!
BTW it's Sunday morning over here and I'm staying home from church - I just remember I have an open bottle of excellent Sicilian chardonnay in the fridge - hmmm...

qfan_1 said...

That is too Fricken' COOL! Huge Congrats!!!
Your Q friend in Atlanta!

Anonymous said...

And from what I've heard Bob's show is made up of songs from his own collection - so not only does he know who you are, he bought your record!