Saturday, September 09, 2006

dan's take..

He sent this to family and friends...

greetings family, friends and acquaintances (yes i'm sending this one to everyone i know) -
i''l try to make this short (but i think i'll fail). the music i've played during my "career", with the exception of 1 song, and oh what an exception, has flown a bit under the radar of the "legitamate" awards given to those in music. now, that has never stopped me from doing what i thought was good. but as a musician, we all want recognition. recognition from the public is very nice (and the bank account is very happy). recognition from your peers is deeply satisfying. recognition from one of your great heroes is stunning. the attachment was part of bob dylan's weekly show on xm satellite radio.
now, i knew he was gonna play our (the yayhoos) song, but had no idea he was gonna quote it, then give a name check. i now know the definition of flabbergasted. (really glad there wasn't a video camera around when i heard it the first time)
i hope you all will understand the need for me to crow a bit. in it's own way it's kind of a lifetime achivement award to have bob d. quote your lyrics to the listening public.
anyone who's written a song will understand.
i hope the rest of you will as well.
i'm trying hard to stay humble, but that just may not work out for a week or so.

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