Wednesday, August 23, 2006



The Yayhoos tried to burn down The Pour House Music Hall in Raleigh last night. People were drinking like it was a Friday night...and we gave'm something to drink about! Posted by Picasa


Moon said...

Great show--clearly one of the high points of my North Carolina vacation-along with homegrown tomatoes and ripe NC peaches.I regret never getting to see the Del-Lords live so this was a treat.Thanks for playing Judas Kiss...(although the Creedence-ish vibe wasn't better than the original take -no prisoners approach.)Terry --I can definitely see why you might be a good candidate for an Alleve commercial!
There was one "cover"/SatTelites (?)song that had a familiar ring to it .It wasnt the Abba,Neil Young,Mick Taylor or ojays might have had a line about "flying 'in it--but don't go by me--I was one of the guys drinking NC Pale ale on a school night.What was the song--driving me semi-crazy the morning after...?
Any chance of any live shows being shared on archive .org???
Thanks again

Anonymous said...


Travis said...

I second the call for a live CD!!

Anonymous said...

a live-yayhoos-cd would be GREAT!!
for example like dan does his "homemade sin"- cd- available via web?!!

pleeeeeeease, join us "over here" in germany (or maybe holland)-
it`s so long since the yayhoos toured europe- rumble the old continent again...

best, carsten (