Sunday, July 30, 2006

opening #'s

You won't go to an OAKTeam gig without hearing the "Olympic Theme". (Yeah, come get us! Whatever! We're ripping off your damn song, your torch and your precious little trademarked name, "OLYMPIC"!! Who gives a shit! Ooops! carried away there for a moment! The point is..) We start the show with the Olympic Theme blasting over the PA..and just at the right point Big Daddy usually jumps into "Weather on Not"...and it's a free-for-all for the next 2 hours!
A few years back before the OAKTeam, I liked coming out with the intro to "The Weight" by The Band. I don't remember that The Woods had an opening theme but The Fabulous Knobs had a pretty good one..."A Summer Place"!
You're only as good as your opener!

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FCB said...

Don't forget the Earl Weaver tape as an opener!