Saturday, July 29, 2006


Jack is in the process of puttin' together an OakTeam "program" for the shows. I'm not clear if they'll be givin' away at the door like at church or sold by a hawker like at ball games but I do know they are gonna be IG-NUNT! I'm sure they'll be filled with silly pics and antidotes and have a list of songs for the fans to request from. He asked each of us to submit some fun facts about ourselves. I don't know how fun my submission is but if he needs more I'll send it.

Terry Randall Anderson....named after his Dad's crazy Uncle Terry and Randall Lolley, the preacher at his Mom's church, Pine Ridge Baptist. He was nicknamed Randy until he put a stop to it at the early age of 8 years old. In the 3rd grade he told the teachers, "Mam, there's 2 other Randy's in here and I really wouldn't mind if you called me Terry" So ever since that day he's been know as Terry, except to his family of course.
He was born in Louisburg, NC just 10 miles from his current home of Bunn and the family soon moved to Connecticut where they stayed for 2 or 3 years. They moved back just in time for Terry to start school in Raleigh, NC, where he grew up and still calls home.
Terry's first car was a Fiat 850 Spider, which stayed in the shop more than it did on the road. But it was a convertible and really cool lookin' when it DID run. He soon traded that in for a Delta 88.
After high school Terry attended the prestigious Sandhills Community College where he met Jack Cornell and other members of his first band, The Fabulous Knobs. After 6 years together, some members left and the 3 remaining, Jack, Terry and David Enloe became The Woods. After about another 6 years and a release on Twin Tone Records, The Woods also called it quits.
On the strength of his hits "Battleship Chains" and "I Love You Period" Terry was invited by BMG to write in Nashville for a while but soon realized that it sucked so he decided to stay home with his wife Grace and his kids, Will and Nathan and just paint for a livin', all the while still writing. Now that Terry had the freedom to write whatever he wanted the songs poured out of him like piss out of a boot. Realizing that those songs had to have somewhere to go, Terry and Jack once again re-wrote Rock history and formed The Olympic Ass-Kickin' Team!

Go Team Go!

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