Friday, July 21, 2006


I never did blog about our adventure to the ampithaeter this past weekend. We didn't really "open", but our job was to keep the old folks entertained while there was nothing going on on the big stage. Doors opened at 6:30 and The OakTeam went on soon thereafter. We kicked ass for about an hour and had the peeps gatherin', dancin' a jig, a hootin' and a hollerin'! It was close to 100 degrees that day so it felt like there was an giant frying pan directly in front of us. I think they call that thing the sun. It was pretty brutal we were hydrated up and toughed it out. Soon it was time for the "Huey Lewis Beach Band and Show". Huey's voice was ROUGH! He opened with one of his hits and then immediatly went into smaltzy Beach music world. He started doing songs by The Chairmen of the Board, The Drifters and hell, there was probably an Embers song in there somewhere. If you're not familiar with "Beach" music, you're lucky. It's indiginous to the Carolinas and it's something that most of us are not to very proud of. It involves a dance called The Shag, some pennie loafers and lots of light beer, usually Miller Light. Huey finished the set with a couple of more of HIS songs and left the stage to roaring applause. I was embarrassed for him. As soon as the roar quieted, we kicked into Battleship Chains and people we running from the big stage area to come see where the REAL music was coming from. They were all in party mode for the next 20 minutes as we gave them hit after hit. Then in the middle of a song the stage manager, Daniel gave us the throat slash sign meaning Chicago was on. We jumped up and started packing as quick as we could hoping to not hear nary a note of "Color my World". As we were getting the last few things in eVANgilina (Dave's rock super van), the piano player began with those first few meloncoly notes....AAAAHHHH! ..too late!! Damn!

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