Saturday, July 15, 2006

hot rock weekend

Great gig at Tir Na Nog (Irish bar in Raleigh) last night. Had the folks dancing, laughin' and singin' along...what it's all about, ya know? It's a little thing we like to call FUN. We didn't have as big of a crowd as the Pearl Jam Tribute band did (What's the facination with tribute bands these days? Go see the REAL band, bitch! Anyway, I digress..) but it was a decent gathering of drunks and loyal fans. Not really looking forward to today out at the "Miller Beer tent at the Walnut Creek Ampitheater sponsered by Alltel" or whatever it is called. But it's not cuz we ain't gonna brang the ROCK and the FUN (we ALWAYS do THAT!) but cuz it's gonna be hotter Hell out there! It's supposed to feel like 100 degrees about the time we go on. I'm sure we'll be fine. I'm gonna drink plenty of water all day (gotta replentish what I lost last night anyway) and take it easy. Not gonna work too hard, how many fans of Chicago do we want as OUR fans anyway?

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