Friday, June 23, 2006

drunk night pics

diss be our shack..wid the Baptist Church in da background...walked around drunk last night taking pics of our neighbors houses... Posted by Picasa

This is the house next door to us. "Miss Thelma" used to live there 'till one night she up and died on us. She used to leave notes on our door like "tell your husband to clean out the ditch!" She was a ball of fire and didn't give a shit what anybody thought about her. She was 83 when she died. Come to find out there was NO bathroom in the house! Jasper (small world alert!..Jasper is the dude who bought my Dad's know, the one on my 2nd record!) and Louise inherited this lovely architechtural masterpiece and sold it to Gil, the Canadian. Gil "fixed" it up and tried to re-sell this piece o' shit for a stupidly high price. It didn't sell so he built a huge barn out back which made the price go up more and made more people NOT want it!
So THEN! He tried to scam the county into making it a home for wayward boys. Personally, I'm really glad THAT didn't work out! Posted by Picasa

This trailer is next to Thelma's old house. These people are just plain weird. They named one of their kids, Mack, after the TV show "McIver". Need I say more? Posted by Picasa

These folks, "Chick" (real name..Leland) and Janet, we think of as our second parents. They live directly across from us, our driveways meet. Janet is a retired school teacher and "Chick" used to have 200 acres of tobacco that he farmed with his best friend, Clee. Clee is black, and much like "Chick" would give you the shirt off of his back. All are awesome people! You might remember me tellin' you about "Chick" coming back from San Antonio talkin' about "The Alimony". There's a million stories about him like that. Just beautiful! Posted by Picasa

This house is next to "Chick" and Janet's house and faces Thelma's old piece o' shit. C & J lived there when they first got married. A lady in Fayetteville owns this bungalow and her gay son comes up from Miami about every 3 months to hide out from spies, international espionage or some other WILD story that he comes up with to BORE THE HELL OUT OF ME WITH!! I cut his grass because I park my beautiful lawnmower in his barn but one day he caught me held me at bay with his stupid shit for about an hour and a half!! "Just kill me", I was thinking over and over! Bad times, Bad times. Posted by Picasa

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