Thursday, June 22, 2006


ShhheeeeiyyT! It sucks not having a computer! Grace walked in tonight with ours, back from the shop and Nathan yells "Hello, Old friend!" ..of course NOT referring to my wife!! Sorry for my absence but I'm sure you all have better things to do than to hang out up in here!
My ass is draggin' 'bout right now anyway tryin' to catch up on my shitin' ass paint jobs. I'm 'bout 10 days behind (cuz o' them damn YAYHOOS!!!) on my work and it's hotter'n hell down here in North Carolina! But I like sweatin', git all dem poisons out!
Well, much to my "who gives a shitness", the Carolina HURRICANES won sumpthin' and dass nice...but I still got a few beef's w/ hockey...#1..they used to have ties. Is it a competition if there's a chance you BOTH could win/lose? That's gonna take a while for me to get over. #2...there's only three quarters! Must be sumpthin' about the Canadian exchange rate! and #3...It's just too damn fast fer my country ass to follow! I'm about 3 or 4 passes behind when I watch that shit on the TV. Hell, they done scored and went to commercial 'fore I could figger out what just happened!
Go TarHeels in the College World Series!!! Posted by Picasa

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