Friday, May 12, 2006

Ass Tasting..

one more Yayhoos shot from Nashville
Thanks Steve Foley

...Pig Licking
Beer Kickin'..

NO wait!
That's not it! It's called..
Beer Pickin'
Ass Lickin'
Pig Tastin'

Nah! That's not it either!
Pig Pickin'
Ass Kickin'
Beer Tastin'

NOW we're getting somewhere!
Anyway, That's what we're calling it
and it's Tonight!
@ Slim's on Wilmington Street in downtown Raleigh
and it is what it sez it is..
The Pig Pickin' starts @ 6pm
The OakTeam starts @ 8pm
and the beer tastin'..well, that's up to you!
You can start now
for all we care cuz everybody knows...
you can't drink all day unless you
start in the morning!

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