Saturday, May 13, 2006

3 piece..

Through the misfortune of our hero, Greg Rice's illness, the Oakteam did something it hasn't done since Jack, Roger and I went to Chicago. We went three piece. I was a little worried but I had full faith in my blood brutha, Big Daddy Dave. And he pulled it off without narry a hitch! In fact, it rocked so much ass that at the end of the night I was standing there at the side of the stage waiting for some kind of trophy or something. It was one of those timeless shows that wasn't recorded and will only be talked about. Just ask anyone who was there. But we really miss Greg "Mozelle" Rice and look forward to his healthy return.


Wornoutmorgan said...

Hey TA, just to let you know the OAKTeam cd has made it as far as Tasmania (the very deep south), and is on high rotation at our house. What a fucking phenomenal record - a breath of fresh rock and roll air.

Ace said...

Shit Boy,

I'da flew my rig out there. Hell yes I would've.