Saturday, April 08, 2006

sing along..

Y'all sing along now..
"It was the night I sprayed 'ol Dixie down"
"Yeah, all the dogs were barking"
"I said I bet you'll shut the hell up now"
"And it was 4 in the morning"
"I said die...die, die ,die, die, die
die, die, die... die die die die"

Yep, 4 in the morning I had to get up and get the water hose out and spray the dog, Dixie down so she'd shut the hell up. She did.
Somebody drove by and shot at golfer Tom Leyman's car in Augusta? Tell that shooter guy when he gets outta jail that there are 2 dogs that live across from Bunn Baptist Church. He can drive by here anytime!

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