Thursday, April 13, 2006

mad @ y'all!!

If you wuz one of the ones that voted Bucky off'a "Idol" last night then I'm mad at y'all and you ain't my friend no more! Don't y'all know that ever since NASCAR took the race away from Rockingham that Bucky wuz the only thing that whole town had to live for! Yeah, he sucked. But Ace sucked a lot worse! Anybody can stand up there and yell "we will, we will rock you!!" for a minute and 20 seconds! Just cuz Ace is cute he got another pass through to the next round. Well Bucky wuz cute too in his own dumbass redneck kinda way. Bucky wuz cool and just plain nice. I'm really gonna miss him. And not only that, but what is Rockingham, North Carolina gonna do now?

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