Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Knob shit

The Fabulous Knobs really were quite popular around North Carolina from '78 to '84. We had a road crew that drove our big ass 20 foot box truck filled with lights and our huge PINK P.A.! It was full time job. We did about 4 to 5 gigs a week and put ourselves on the big big salary of $250 a piece each one of those weeks. This lasted almost 3 or so years like that. And remember, we all lived together in a huge house on Edenton St. in downtown Raleigh and the band paid all of our expences so the 250 was free and clear.
We had some unbelievable gigs. Most were packed, many sold out. Our lead singer, Debra DeMilo was quite flamboyant and showed her ass (literally!) about every night.
It was the same kinda rockin' shit I'm doin' today with a little more Soul/R&B thrown in. I wrote a lot for that band too. It's really hard to explain how great it was. Jack was on bass and he and I solidified the rhythm section. The guitar players, David Enloe and Keith Taylor were perfect together. For a while there, just to be ASAP (as stupid as possible!!) they were "twinin'", our trying to be twins of each other. They were dressing alike with red Keds sneakers, blue jeans, an orange bandana and a white t-shirt. It was dumb as shit and really funny.
We would piss club owners off so bad by doing "plays". The most popular one was called "Go to Hell!" That one would start with David layin' on the floor trying to get some sleep after the late night gig and his neighbor next door,played by Keith or me, mowing the lawn at 7am. Eventually, David would get up and poke his head through the window (somebody's arms!) and yell "Go to Hell!!" Of course, there were other scenarios and subsequently other "plays" that prompted that response from David. Pretty dumb. Another thing we did was "Jerry Duty". Every night we would take turns holding up a little G.E. tape recorder up to the mike while a Jerry Clower tape played one of his stupid ass jokes. This was called "Jerry Duty"....and "Bullshit!" by the club owners. But the crowd usually ate it up.
We were pretty much ruined after seeing NRBQ. They got away with murder!, and that's how we wanted to be!

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