Monday, March 20, 2006

home sweet home!

Driving to Austin wasn't such a big deal. It only took about 20 hours. Other than the 80-mile-an-hour-six-lane-weave going on as I drove through Atlanta, most of it was pretty damn forgetable. The ride back made up for it though as all of the rain that was causing flooding and death in Texas followed me ALL the way home. I got a brief reprieve from Meridian, Miss. to Gaffney, SC but the last 4 hours home were brutal! I'll tell ya all about the music part of the trip tomorrow (if I can remember it!), right now I gotta have a drank! Meanwhile check this out....


Anonymous said...

So, I just listened to the album, and today NOTHING can wipe the smile off my face anymore!!! In my opinion 'Put The Hammer Down' is way more a 'band album' than 'Fear Not The Obvious' was. And boy, there's some good tunes on this one! WOW!
All Dressed Up sounds sooo great, and if you talk to Keith, tell him that his bass playing on this one is exceptionally great!
I really really love you guys!

Javi said...

One of the best albums you'll hear in a loooooong time. Really amazing.

Thank you so much for it!