Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Speaking of 9 to 5's, by the time I get home from that thing and take Nathan to Tae Kwon Do and go to the grocery store and all that shit all I feel like doing is sitting down and staring into the the abyss known as American television. It's a mindless box for folks that feel mindless or wanna feel mindless and just sit down to watch other mindless Paula Abdul. There's a little talent show on TV here called American Idol. Personally, I think American Idiot would be better and they could use the Green Day song for it's theme, that would be cool. The judges for the show are really what the show has become about. There's the Brit wit, Simon who I usually agree with. "That was 'orrible!" He don't play. If you suck he tells you that you suck. Then there's Randy Jackson, the middle of the road dude who tries to sugar coat it the best he can, "That was just OK for me, man" or "I wasn't feeling it tonight, dog". And then there's the spineless chihuahua faced dumbass, Paula Abdul. Looking like a 1975 High School yearbook picture, she sits there and tells every fingernail-on-the-chalkboard singer that they are the next big thing. The worst thing she has ever told anyone is "You're a very pretty girl, don't give up on your dream". Huh? Hey lady! Who cares if she's pretty! She can't carry a tune in a shitpot!
I am so glad that Tyler Hansbrough and the Tarheels are playing basketball tonight. That'll give me SOMETHING to watch that I give a shit about!

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