Friday, February 03, 2006

on hold..

Man, I slept like one of those 3 day old hot dogs at the truck stop last night, spinning around and around. I think it was the electric blanket. I felt "plugged in" all night long. AND THEN, some sparty pants youngin' of mine cranked the clock radio to ELEVEN! When that bitch went off, everything in the room jumped 3 feet! My wife, acting as though we had been attacked, scrambled to kill whatever hideous song that was.
Speaking of hideous songs, I called the Apple store yesterday to check on my son's IPod. Dude was nice and all but he put me on hold for about 6 minutes. So I put the speakerphone on to keep from having to hold the damn thing. Some "beautiful" music was coming out of that son of a bitch! "Color My World" by Chicago being the topper. I almost hung up. Are you kidding me? The cool, modern, hip Apple store has "Color My Fuckin' World" on their "on hold" music? C'mon guys, you can do better than that! That's a bad reflection on your company. I don't wanna be tortured MORE while I'm on hold. Waiting is bad enough.

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