Monday, February 13, 2006

Macon and back..

Like a bunch of third graders in a candy store, the OakTeam was let loose on the Eastern seaboard this weekend. We wuz blowin' our coach's whistles, drankin', yellin', throwing baseball on the beach and at reststops beside the interstates, riding the "fun way"(I'll explain that one of these days), going to South of the Border (near Dillon, SC..yeah THAT Dillon!) and actin' ignunt.
We wuz callin' Putt-Putt tryin' to get a "tee time", just a whole lotta dumb fun! But the number one thing the OakTeam did this weekend wuz ROCK LIKE ASS!! When we found ourselves in the wrong club (right venue, just wrong for us) we rocked that bitch, pro-style. The punks in there were blown away. We just did the fast and ugly ones and they dug it.
The Hummingbird, the club we played in Macon was beautiful. It was an old building, brick inside, big long bar with all the good stuff behind it. The owner/manager dude, Vick was awesome! "Anything you guys want" kinda guy. He knew music too. There were some great acts coming through there and we felt honored to have that chance. But play we did, and ROCK LIKE ASS we did. After the first set Vick came up and said "Man!! you guys are KILLIN' me!! You are KICKIN' MY ASS!! I didn't know there was a band out there that still played this kind of music. Y'all are like Dave Edmunds AND The Faces!" Yup, he gets it.
Check out Jack's site below. Click at the top of his home page for pictures.

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rolinstnz said...

South of the Border--I95's gift to tourism....Pedro sez Chili today, Hot Tamale. Didja play any Bingo?