Monday, February 27, 2006

knockouts and blockouts

I passed out while listening to the post-game comments of Carolina's N.C.State-like methodical beat down of Maryland on the radio last night. I must say it was like being sung to sleep by your mother. Yeah, I know it was 8 o'clock but I wuz purty whooped myself from the ass kickin' we gave the town of Southern Pines the night before. It was a great croud, 150 or so, and after the first set they were drunk enough to "feel" it! We came outta the gate with both barrels blazing. "Weather or Not", "Killin' down in Dillon" and "Mr. Busdriverman" left their mouths open and seemingly their brains pulled out. They were looking around at each other, "What the hell is this?" But then the ladies loosened up and started dancing and then it surely became the "Party Gras" it was being hailed as. Good times, good times.
So I wake up about 1:30 last night and eat a half of an oatmeal raisin cookie that Grace was baking for me while I was in the process of passing out and I started to get really mad. Why? Kilz2. I remembered an Email I had gotten earlier from my friend, Mike McGlothlen who was painting and wondering why his primer wasn't covering. He was using Kilz2. THIS SHIT DON'T WORK PEOPLE! DO NOT BUY IT! It is NOT a stainblocker. It ain't shit! I wouldn't paint the inside of my doghouse with it! I don't know how they keep getting away with selling this stuff. The original Kilz works great, the odorless Kilz works and covers even better but this water-based version is a shame and a scourge on the painting industry. Besides the guy that invented the cigarette, the guy who invented this shit is one guy's ass that I would really like to kick! Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Bastard!!

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Mike McGlothlen said...

Wait just a minute man, let's be fair, it did cover the white panelling with 5, that's right, FIVE coats of Kilz2. Two and a half days of work later, my 10' x 12' room is ready for the finishing coat of paint.
Southern Pines will not be the same after the ASS-KICKIN they got Saturday night. We were glad we drove down, thanks for the great show! Also for the advise on painting!