Tuesday, January 10, 2006

what NOT to send!

At the risk of coming off looking like an asshole (which, it wouldn't be the first time!) here is a list of things that I get as Email and don't want..

1-Pictures of cute animals "snuggling": I HATE these things! Who cares?! OK! You caught your kitten and puppy trying to keep each other warm while you had'm in a room with the heat turned off! Save it! I ain't moved by it, except towards the bathroom!
2-Invites to see your band: Half the time I get these from LA or Tennessee, like I'm gonna jump in a plane at the last minute (which, they are usually received on the day of..) to hear a band I usually wouldn't walk across the street to see?! Come on, people!
3-Invites to write with me: I write better by myself, no thanks!
4-Something I should forward: If the Lord is waiting for me to send that thing to someone else or he won't let me in heaven...we got a problem. I will see you in Hell.
I ain't doing it..ANY of'm!
5-Petitions to sign: I ain't putting my name on some list that's gonna get me arrested, auditted or spied on. I hate the President as much as the next guy but 2008 is just around the corner and hopefully he won't get us all killed before then.
I'm just gonna take my chances.
6-Crappy pictures: I hate when people send you these pictures of a show they saw and they're all of things like Dave's feet, Jack's red eyes, the mic in front of my face or crap like that. Take some photography lessons or something.

That's it for now..I'm sure I'll think of a few more later..


Anonymous said...

Now you look like...

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry,

You forgot hoax virus warnings!