Saturday, January 07, 2006


Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass-Kickin team. Everything of getting what you think at such a link name get you also. This must born and getogen is on or under the bar stool, most distant at the termination from. The rockt, it swing, the boegiet and the woegiet just like then Baird and are Georgia Sattelites that ever did. It is fence time and the barman decides nevertheless still new a cask come. Ideal moment to set up this cd, well hard. Spectacular figure is Raindrops, a traditional mierzoete popsong which fifty seems years old. "When I am with you I can walk between raindrops." Sing along in the kwadraat. Then TAaTOAKT sound as a link with hitpotentie. That is moreover nowhere for necessary. To order by means of (Patrick donders).
this crazy dutch guys only three stars though

Huh??? hitpotentie and only 3 stars?!!!...bitch!!


Anonymous said...

Terry - I'd be glad to help you out in stead of Babelfish. Where's the original text?
Skirt & Roll on,

TA said...

that's what they sent me..I guess the original is on their website..

Anonymous said...

OK, Here ya go:
Terry Anderson and The Olympic Ass-Kickin Team. You will get everything you expect to get with a bandname like that. This has to be born and raised on or under the barstool, the farthest away from the exit. It rocks, it swings, it boogies and woogies just like Dan Baird and his Georgia Satellites once did. It’s closing time and the bartender decides to open up another keg anyway. The perfect time to play this CD, and play it loud. Highlight is ‘Raindrops’, a classic cloying-sweet pop song which seems fifty years old. “When I am with you I can walk between raindrops.” Singalong galore. That’s when TAaTOAKT sounds like a band with hit potential. Which isn’t necessary, by the way. Order from: (Patrick Donders)

TA said...

awesome, thanks again, Gerben!
skirt & roll!