Thursday, January 19, 2006

...but the dogs are still alive..

Many Many thanks to Mike McGlothlen for this beautiful panoramic picture of us at the Cat's Cradle.

My computer and or server has been actin' stupid lately. I've actually written a couple of blogs that have gotten lost when I tried to publish them. I hate that. Especially when I'm to drunk to remember what I wrote about.
Here's tidbits from the TA world as of 9:40-something this beautiful Thursday morning:
The Yayhoos release date is May (23?) 20-something! anyway..hell I can't remember shit! I do remember that it's gonna kick y'all's asses though!
The drip is gone. Brother Glen came by and put a NEW faucet in and get this, only charged me $30 for the faucet, labor and everything! Bet you ain't got a plummer like that!
The in-store appearance in Va. Beach (Birdland Music) is this weekend and we'll leave from there to play Richmond (Wonderland) that night. Sunday in Raleigh at the Pour House..early show..8:30. Are you still "ON TOUR!!" if you make a stop in your own town? I always wondered about that.

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