Tuesday, September 06, 2005

wrong number

We got home from a party Saturday night and this crazy lady had the wrong number and left a message on our answering machine. I wrote it down exactly word for word. Make sure you read it as fast as you can ‘cause that’s the way she was saying it. I challenge you to make it all the way through to the end. I don’t know what’s stupider, what she is sayin’ or the fact that I wasted all that time transcribing it:

Ella….Kay got off the phone but time I hung it up I thought it was you Roberta called me and she had just hung up, JUST hung up! I told her I said Ella’s waiting on a call from me she’s gonna think I ain’t callin’ her back but she’s into this geneology stuff and she was askin’ a lot o’ questions about this and wanted me to find out somebody that I had sent some stuff to her years ago I didn’t even remember sending it to her something Kim got me from a girl at the sheriff’s department that was looking up the Pearce geneology or something so she’s was really gung ho and Kim, Kim was gone huntin’ it’s dove huntin where they set and just wait for the birds to fly over and that was Kim and Guy and Joe so they’re down here in Benson somewhere, they hadn’t come back yet, uh Kimell couldn’t even walk if it was any other kinda hunting, quail, he’s give up any other kinda huntin’ whur he has to walk but he sittin’ he carried a lawn chair so they just sit waitin’ for the birds to come and I told Roberta I’d call’er back and I, you remember Phillip Pearce? Phillip, the one that wrote a column called from the Franklin Times, but that was a different set of Pearce’s. Kimell said that was a different set of dogs he finally said he didn’t know nothin’ about none of his kinfolks except for the immediate family but anyway call me back when you get back in, if I’m here when Kimell comes home we got I got to go to the grocery store and I thought we’d just get something eat ‘cause I scrubbed this house, I been cleanin’ all ever since he left this morning and I scrubbed all my floors and I washed a load of clothes and done some thangs, cleaned out some drawers and under my countertops that badly needed it. But I’m through workin’ now. I might have to go in for a day or two in the next couple or three weeks but not every day so I’m ticked to death about that, they finally adjourned yesterday. But I’ll get back um..I been workin 18 years for the General Assembly can you believe that? I can’t hardly. But anyway I will get back to you, or you call me, I sit up late and I know you don’t so I’ll try to call you again and I hope it won’t wake you up but they haven’t come back yet I got to ask Kim about something for Roberta about that geneology stuff an um um get back to her if he know she’s talkin’ about but anyway hope your family’s OK nothin’s wrong. Kay’s um..husband Richard’s aunt died that they were real close to his mother’s sister that’s had cancer an uh..so she didn’t go with him to that funeral cause it was up in Gastonia way up near Charlotte and she’s..she’s gone back to teachin’ full time uh this year so her hands are full too and Sam had his 12th birthday um..to.. yesterday and a bunch o’ boys came over spent the night and everything OK so she’s ‘bout dead they stayed up to 1 o’clock but the children are used to makin’ noise, those boys 12 years old will do, but anyway she got off like I said but Roberta talked, you know till I just called her so she hung up but call me back if you get a chance if it’s too late I won’t call you tonight when we get back now he hadn’t come back yet but I’m just waitin’ for he come back so we can go to the grocery store then maybe just get us a somethin’ a hot dog a hamburger or somethin’ somewhere I didn’t thaw anything out to cook today anyway we’ll talk to you hope the family’s OK, and if you know anything about Filbert Pearce but I don’t think he’s got..he’s from a different set of Pearce’s cause I sent Roberta somethin’ written by him about the Pearce’s and she gave it to that man that was doin’ that geneology thang and she said that he said he’d try to trace it but it was a different set of Pearce’s none of your family’s names were in there so that didn’t help him out much, but this girl DID have and I remember I kept tellin’ her I didn’t give her anything I knew I didn’t surely I hadn’t been into geneology and I couldn’t remember none of y’all given me somethin’ I said and she said well maybe Kim and it jogged finally jogged my memory that it was..he..some girl down there he worked with at the sheriff’s department, he’s retirin’ too the 30th of this month, Kim is but…from the sheriff’s department, but it I said Lord I do remember it now vaguely I could not remember what in the world she was talkin’ about…I just couldn’t…

This is when the answering machine just couldn’t take it anymore and cut her off.


kyassor said...

Will this be put to music and used on the next album ?

TA said...

Ya know, I actually HAD thought about that!